Diverter Gates

Diverter Gates


Dutch Spiral Diverter Gates

Dutch Spiral’s Solids diverter gates are developed and designed for efficient and effective diverting of a variety of materials such as wet, stringy or sticky materials. The diverters are mainly used to divide the output of screens which throw their output in the diverter gate after which the operator chooses the right trough or bin by operating it.

Every situation, every channel and every machine has another dimensioning which means that every diverter gate is tailor made according to the required specification. The design is always optimized according to Dutch Spirals profound experience in the field of screenings treatment. We have a various of options in the way the diverter is driven. This can be either by hand, by pneumatics, by electric lineator or electric actuators.

The diverters are also equipped with proximity switches to detect the positioning. The type of proximity switch is also variable to fit custom needs. Standard available in SS 304 and 316. There is no standard dimensioning of the diverters. Dutch Spiral has fabricated diverters up to 4 meters wide.


Benefits of the Diverter Gates

  • Simple and robust design
  • Space saving
  • Custom fit for diffrent kind of machine output
  • Manually, pneumatic, electric lineators or actuators
  • Up to 4 meters width
  • Available in SS 304 and 316