Sand Screw Separators

Sand Screw Separators are used for removing fast settling solids, such as sand from influent sewage treatment and industrial wastewater plants.

The settled material is transported by Dutch Spiral’s shaftless screw conveyor from the separator, as wet solids and the effluent is returned into the process.

The screw is only supported by a bearing at the drive-end. The advantage of this is that the larger particles cannot jam between the screw and trough.

An additional advantage of only having the bearing at the top end is the absence of bearings under water level.

Our standard design contains bolted lids with at the front an easy to access inspection hatch. The hatch makes it possible to overlook the overflow weir.

Spirals need an underlayment to carry their weight. Our standard design contains stainless steel wear bars. Optional we have the possibility to choose for other lining such as Hardox®  wear bars or Creusabro® lining. Our experts can help you choosing the right material for the job.


Benefits of the Screwseparator

  • Simple and robust stainless steel construction
  • Shaftless spiral prevents material build up
  • No underwater bearings
  • Low operating costs due to direct drive with low power consumption
  • Low wear and tear due to low rotational speed