Shaftless spirals / screws

Shaftless spirals / Shaftless screws


Shaftless spirals or shaftless screws

We have over 800 different standard spirals changing the diameter and pitch to suit the application. This helps us to be flexible in making custom solutions, but also in replacing existing spare parts.  Our standard spirals are made of a special hard wearing steel, but are also available in Stainless steel 304 and 316 variations. Diameters from 140mm up to 700mm are available with different barsizes and pitches. 



Shaftless spirals benefits

  • Shaftless spiral prevents material build-up
  • Transports wet, stringy, sticky materials
  • Low operating costs due to direct drive with low power consumption
  • Low wear and tear due to low rotational speed
  • Horizontal and vertical solution