Parabolic screens

Parabolic screens


Parabolic screens

Dutch Spiral’s parabolic screens are developed and designed for an efficient and effective way of diverting solids from process and waste water flow. Because of the wide diversity in slot width the bow sieves can be applied in many sectors.

Every situation and application has other asks for a different approach which means that if the standard sizes do not meet the clients expectations there is always the possibility to go for a tailor made solution.

The screens are produced in such a way that the water is almost instantly been drained from the incoming flow. The length of the sieves and the specific angle of the sieves, gives the dewatered solids time to dry.


To match our costumers requirements we have several options that can be added or adjusted to the parabolic screen.

  • Spray-bars can be added to smoothen the extrusion flow.
  • A custom chassis can be made to raise the bow sieve off the ground.
  • A funnel can be added to center the debris.
  • Inlet and outlet flanges can be adjusted to the required sizes.
  • Lids can protect the surroundings.

Our Dutch Spiral spray bars come in standard widths of 500mm and are easily exchanged. Every 500mm width has its own solenoid valve in order to safe on water pressure. Another advantage is that the parabolic screen only cleans it’s sieve when and where required. Next to our Dutch Spiral spray system we also got driven spray systems which are either pneumatic or electric driven.


Benefits of the Parabolic screens

  • Simple and efficient design
  • Low in maintenance
  • Custom fit for diffrent kind of machine output
  • Wide range of slot width
  • Standard up to 2 meters in width
  • Standard available in SS304 and SS316 optional