Screw containers

Screw containers


Screw containers

The RGC Screenings and ZC Sand Spiral Containers are a big success.
Over more than 150 Screenings and Sand containers are active at wastewater treatment plants. The containers are equipped with an integrated shaftless screw distribution system. The main advantage of using spirals is having maximum reliability and minimal maintenance.
Spirals have no shaft and this prevents material built up. Our fully sealed lids minimize odour nuisance. Rotations of the spiral are low which results in low wear and abrasion due to the rotational speed.
The shaftless spiral is directly connected to the gearbox. This gives great advantages because the spiral is the only moving part which is in contact with the material.

Special Designs
Next to our Screenings and Sand containers we also produce the following products which are generally-fitted with our spirals as well.

  • Live-Bottom Feeders
  • Horizontal & Vertical Conveyors
  • Screenings Washers/Compactors
  • Grit Washers / Classifiers
  • Discharge slide gates


Benefits of the screw container

  • Large capacity
  • Odor problems are history
  • Integrated shaftless screw distribution system
  • Automatic system detects presence of container
  • 70% full signal makes sure for enough time to plan the switch of a container.
  • 100% full signal
  • Slide opening closes automatically at take away of container
  • Included plugs are self-ejecting executed which can prevent damaging when the driver forgets to unplug the system.
  • Dewatering with Storz connection and removable strainer section
  • Service hatch and bolted stainless steel lids for easy maintenance