Screeningscontainer (RGC)

Screeningscontainer (RGC)


Screeningscontainer (RGC)

The Dutch Spiral Screeningscontainer RGC is specially designed for the transport of screenings. The screeningscontainer specifically designed to allow the filling of the container to take place autonomously, whereby the degree of filling and transport can be switched on remotely. In addition, the container is optimized to minimized oder nuisance. 

Description of use Screeningscontainer (RGC)

The container is provided with a gas-operated plate valve at the top. This is opened by a fixed collapse sleeve. The positionating of the container is ensured by placing loading plates. 

The gas-operated plate valve is equipped with proximity switches for open and closed signal. 

Below the collapse is an ashless screw conveyer driven by a right-angled gearbox. This is equipped with a proximity switch for Rotary monitoring and is responsible for filling the sludge container.

The degree of filling of the container can be monitered by means of an ultrasonic level measurement (radar measurement optional) which counts as 70% full report. In addition, a proximity switch for 100% full reporting is provided. 

The container gets its power through 2 Marechal plugs for control current en power current.

When driving away there is a chance that the forgets to disconnect the plugs. The plugs are equipped with a selfejecting cord to provide extra security.

The largest version is the RGC-24. With an outside dimension of 6,5x2,3x1,7m LxWxH, the container can transport up to 24m³ of screenings. 

Other dimensions are of course also possible. 

All our containers have a special preservation schedule to guarentee a long service life.

Dutch Spiral is responsible for the adjustment of the collapse tubes of existing installations, approach plates placemnet and assembly.

Both productions, engineering and assembly are in their own hands.

Optional RGC-S

On request for costumers who want to promote their brand on the sides of the containers, we have developed a design that makes advertising possible. The frames on the outside of the container have been removed so that you can display your logo correctly.

Also ask about our rental options!