Live-Bottom bunkers

Dutch Spiral bunkers can be applied in many different sectors as a storage, transfer and discharge tank of dewatered screenings and sludge. The Bunkers are made according to the wishes and requirements of the costumer.

In order to prevent a bridge formation of sticky and coarse materials over the diameter of the trough multiple screws are installed on the bottom of the bunker.The shaftless screws cover a large part of the bottom surface which results in efficient interception and an easier discharge. Due to the distribution of the material over the multiple screws the individual screws can function more energy-efficient.

Truck receival bunkers

Truck receival bunkers are robust and designed to handle all different kind of materials.


Benefits of the Dutch Spiral Bunker

  • Prevents bridgevorming and clogging
  • Efficient interception of the product
  • Easy to handle operating system
  • Reliable operation
  • Efficient energy
  • Low in maintenance